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“Tom has proven to be a professional who consistently delivers on his commitments and to the expectations of his clients.  His energy and passion for his work are complemented by a positive, uplifting attitude.  Tom understand substance use disorders and the inherent need for an entire organization to be “engaged” and create a safe work culture if true success is to be achieved.

 VP HR, Fortune 100 Company


“Your speaking program served as a valuable learning tool for our newly promoted supervisors by providing real-life experiences.  It will help us achieve our goal of having the best trained and most professional law enforcement personnel.

David GeeSheriff, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office


“Tom’s program was compelling!  He removed our fear in preparing our substance abuse policy and offered us a valuable understanding of potential risks.”

Paula Greenberg, Founder, Art Logics, LLC


Substance Use Disorder 

Awareness, Education, and Prevention

Solutions to maintain a safe and productive workforce of any size


Employers strive to maintain a safe and productive workforce through awareness, education, and prevention.  Implementing a successful on-going educational program has proven to be an essential component in achieving this goal.

Workforce Recovery Solutions provides Employers with evidence-based Substance Use Disorder (SUD) education programs tailored for each organization, designed to increase employee awareness and offering solutions regarding the use of alcohol, opioids, marijuana, and other drugs.  These programs will increase productivity, reverse the effects of high absenteeism and attrition, increase profits, lower healthcare expenses, and protect yor company’s reputation.


The Let’s Get Back to Work! ™ program focuses on educating the entire workforce on Substance Use Disorder.  A non-confrontational, practical  approach will engage, motivate, and create change in your employees.

Features and benefits:

  • In-person Strategic Work Sessions for managers and supervisors so that they know how to uncover patterns of Substance Use Disorder in the workforce
  • Destigmatize SUD, allowing those individuals who need a clinical solution to do so annonymously and trustingly
  • Create an overall awareness of SUD so that  employees can now take both home and into their communities the healty “seeds” for real change
  • Empower employees and increase productivity and profits through greater and more innovative resources
  • Re-ignite passion and purpose to drive the health/safety of corporate culture
  • Lower potentional legal and safety related issues stemming from SUD
  • Personable narrated learning portals that are highly interactive to engage the employee
  • Weekly audio SUD talks accessed from any computer, tablet, or smart phone
  • 24/7 access accomodates work, home, or school schedules
  • Motivational interviewing/coaching sessions

How is working with Tom Woods different? 

With over two decades of consulting, speaking and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches experience as an active addict and now a person in recovery, his view is radically different.  Tom appreciates and shares with listeners, compelling facts about substance use disorders and the disasters that arise in the workplace.  Your employees aren’t using your EAP’s and it’s costing you money and productivity.  Your investment in Tom will pay off right away by arming your organization with the experience tested tools necessary to lift the stigma of substance use disorders and the damaging “ripple effects” it has with employee culture.  Tom educates, engages, and empowers his clients to avail themselves of the resources in place, creating a healthier, more productive culture.